Apple reveals top reasons for app rejection

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 4, 2014

While custom application development is on the rise, it is sometimes easy to forget about the apps that never reach the public. Now, with mobile operating system iOS 8 already in the hands of developers and, due to reach consumers with the iPhone 6 later this month, Apple has listed the top 10 reasons why app submissions are turned away. The information does not include details on what percentage of apps are rejected.

At 14 percent of all rejections, by far the number one reason for denial during the week of August 21-28 was simply a lack of sufficient information on iTunes Connect, the platform where apps are uploaded and described. A few of the most common causes for rejection are related to apps not being ready for release, because they still have bugs (8 percent), feature placeholder text (4 percent) or are labeled as beta, demo or trial versions (2 percent). Most of the top reasons are specific violations of Apple's guidelines, such as having excessively complex interfaces, irrelevant or false information or incorrect audience ratings.

The top ten reasons account for 58 percent of all rejections, and Apple has not detailed the remaining 42 percent. But for fledgling application development companies, this information can serve as a useful checklist of mistakes to avoid and actions to take before submitting an app. The company has made it clear that the screening process is quite stringent, and developers should not expect to be able to get away with a flawed or unfinished product. Indeed, the post states that the main motivation for its publication was "to help you better prepare your apps before submitting them for review."

Developers would do well to take heed, and ensure that they are putting out quality products that will succeed in the age of iOS 8.