Tim Neudecker places second in 2014 FileMaker DevCon Cup

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 6, 2014

Whenever you get like-minded people together that work in the same industry, there is going to talk about who is the best. There is a lot of this going on at large industry conventions and the recently held FileMaker Developers Conference was no different. However, it did declare a winner and handout a championship belt to the winner.

Part of the convention is the DevCon Developer Cup. This competition had 16 participants that competed in five rounds of challenges. Using all of their skills, competitors created quick and elegant solutions to common problems that all FileMaker developers face. One person who fought for the cup this year was Kyo Logic's co-founder Tim Neudecker.

There to attend the entire conference, Neudecker competed against the best developers in the industry but joked that he needed to remember how to code. After two rounds, he found himself in third place and kept up the solid performance to avoid the cuts and make it to the final challenge. In the end, he fell just short of winning, coming in second.

Besting was Christopher Schmitz, an application developer from Skeleton Key, one of our FileMaker Academy Partners. He takes home the championship belt, his name was added to the trophy and he gets bragging rights for eternity. While Neudecker did congratulate his colleague, he did flame the fires of competition with a tweet.

"We'll I was the first of the losers, 250 points behind Chris from #Skeletonkey congrats Chris. Next year I will take you down Rocky style."

Kyo Logic is extremely proud of Neudecker's performance.