Hands on training better than book learning

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 4, 2014

Whenever a popular technology system is upgraded, it is going to take some time for individuals who are familiar with the previous incarnations to learn all of the new features. During times like this, professionals seek research materials that help explain the changes and any new features that set the upgrade apart.

For a number of tech solutions, professionals have been turning toward the Missing Manual series. This popular book catalog from O'Reilly Media acts as a "______ for Dummies" for a software systems like iOS, OS X, Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe and Photoshop as well as hardware including all the iDevices, Kindle Fire, NOOK, and the Galaxy S5.

According to a recent press release from O'Reilly Media, it has now added FileMaker 13 to that list of "Missing Manual" titles. It covers a list of the new and old features including:

  • A basic walkthrough of FileMaker
  • Using FileMaker Go for mobile solutions
  • Combining data tables into a singular solution
  • Using calculations and scripts to quickly crunch numbers
  • Creating professional documents with charts
  • Sharing a database across a secure server with FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Pro Server.

While picking up a book like this can be helpful some professionals, it does not match the hands on learning that happens when a company partners with a FileMaker development firm that is certified in FileMaker 13. Instead of trying to interpret what the book is describing, individuals gain the knowledge of an experienced FileMaker professional that can walk through the entire solution and dive deeper into a personalized software solution that meets your specific needs.