Big data use expanding in sales departments

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 27, 2014

Big data has steadily been taking over as one of the most important workplace tools for businesses in a variety of traditionally tech-related sectors such as analytics, servers and storage. That trend is not limited to large enterprises, as the International Data Group's extensive yearly survey revealed that 56 percent of small and medium-sized businesses had implemented, or were planning to implement, big data projects in 2014.

That survey showed technology as the main recipient of investment, but in recent times the use of big data has expanded to departments beyond the direct purview of IT specialists, including sales. A report by investment firm TrueBridge Capital Partners on the online edition of Forbes details some of the ways that venture capital is now finding its way into business solutions firms that did not traditionally attract this type of investment.

The main result of this influx of funding is a new wave of development for data-driven business solutions, which are already changing the way many companies do work. With proper data analysis, businesses can not just track existing sales trends, but extrapolate that information to predict upcoming tendencies and identify effective sales and marketing strategies.

Manufacturers and retailers looking to capitalize on this emerging and very promising strategic shift have a powerful tool in relational database software FileMaker, an effective data compiler and analyzer that can help them keep track of existing and emerging trends. Certified FileMaker developers are ideally suited to create databases that business managers can use to boost their sales results. Managers can also choose to have their staff undergo training in the software's finer points, taking instruction from licensed teachers on how to use FileMaker to its maximum potential, resulting in improved numbers.