German youth program uses FileMaker to run systems

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 15, 2014

In many cases, sports can be the great equalizer that brings unlikely groups together for something bigger than themselves. We saw this over the last month as nations across the world came together to watch and celebrate the World Cup soccer tournament. Even Pope Francis tweeted about how sports can promote culture.

For this to happen, organizations need to be ready to help promote sports with the youth in their respective countries. In Germany, while residents are celebrating its World Cup victory, 3,000 schools in the country are using FileMaker to help promote sports and run events through the Federal Youth Games.

A recent article from Bildungs Klick recapped the FileMaker sponsored school sports days that are held in Germany. These have been run for the last decade as a way to promote healthy living, team building and friendly competition, while also evaluating potential talent that can be nurtured for bigger things.

According to Alfred Bonk, a senior teacher at the Elly-Heuss-Schule in Wiesbaden — a University Sports Center and partner school of competitive sports and elite school of football — by using FileMaker, teachers are able to quickly record all necessary data in real-time. This allows the games to be handled quickly as they are easy to prepare and evaluate.

"We will continue to use the software because we have had only positive experiences and we can carry out the Federal Youth Games so fast, easy and safe," Bonk told the news source.

FileMaker consultants can help any group create a similar program that helps organizations keep track of programs and improve overall operations.