FileMaker Developers Conference kicks off in San Antonio, Texas

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 28, 2014

At the end of the week, someone will be rewarded with the championship belt and be called the best. This isn't some wrestling super show, but rather one of the many things currently happening in San Antonio, Texas, as the annual FileMaker Developments Conference has just started. The belt is one of the many events that are happening over the next four days and is awarded to the 2014 winner of the DevCon Developer Cup.

This year's event is using the theme "Business Without Boundaries" and features over 1,200 FileMaker developers gathering in one place to talk shop, view new products, learn about better ways of doing business and get technical questions and problems addressed.

Seminars and entertainment gatherings are scheduled all throughout the week. This includes looking at features of FileMaker, how certain industries like education and the medical field can benefit from using the solution, FileMaker Go and Weddirect.

The conference has been growing over the years and is attended by an ever-growing number of core companies.

"We look forward every year to meeting up at DevCon with our peers in the FileMaker Developer community," Julian Nadel, president and founder of Beezwax, a company that will be represented at the conference said in a press release. "This is our chance to share development technologies that we use, and learn about the techniques that other developers have successfully adopted."

Be sure to check back with this blog over the following week as we recap all of the major news that comes out of the conference.