The security benefits of FileMaker Pro

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 24, 2014

For every new technology, one of the biggest challenges is security. Because an increasing number of business critical systems are transitioning to a digital platform, the need to keep this information safe is a growing priority.

A recent post from FileMaker's internal blog focuses on the security features that the platform has. While most operating systems provide their own security features, the FileMaker Pro access privileges are a fundamental way to control who has access to the database, which is security 101.

"It's especially important to protect FileMaker Pro files that are shared with other FileMaker Pro users via the FileMaker Network, with web users via Instant Web Publishing, and with ODBC/JDBC clients," the article reads. "These shared files are more vulnerable because they may be more widely available over your network."

There are other ways that FileMaker's built in security can be beneficial. This includes:

  • App development – With fine grain access control for data, script execution and meta-data, organizations will be able to protect the integrity of an application while allowing end-users to perform expected changes like adding a use or making small improvements.
  • System administration – With a database on a FileMaker Server, businesses can leverage infrastructure for authenticating users and protecting network resources. Companies can also set up accounts for specific users based on a centralized server.
  • Ease of use – Transparency is crucial and FileMaker has this as a priority.

With the help of a FileMaker support service, any company can improve how they manage their database and improve security across the board.