Connecticut to start selling exchange website technology

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 3, 2014

When it comes to business software solutions, many companies are looking for new ways to stay effective. As more systems are reliant on technology, software becomes increasingly important as the platform to manage these solutions. However, knowing software is needed and creating a custom solution that meets all of the challenges of the organization are two different things.

According to a recent article from Modern Health Care, the state of Connecticut is planning to start selling the technology solution it created to handle its acclaimed insurance exchange website "Access Health CT." This is needed because many states are mulling the complicated task of fixing sites that are crashing.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy said that it is time for many individuals to start admitting to mistakes they made and move past them for workable solutions. One way that organizations can answer this is through buying the expertise of other organizations. In this case, Connecticut's website technology solution.

According to the article, Maryland is already partnered with the state and Deloitte to rebuild its online marketplace. The project will cost up to $50 million and is more complicated than just buying a system off the shelf.

"(It's) not a seamless purchase, but these platforms are already built, proven and viable," said Dan Schuyler, the senior director for exchange technology at consultancy Leavitt Partners.

He added that Connecticut's success is based on the fact that the state as a whole is a strong organization with good leadership from the top down.

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