Connecticut law firms improve operations with technology

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 16, 2014

Many people who are hot on the technology landscape have made the case that systems like mobile devices and the cloud are changing the way entire sectors of business operate on a fundamental level. This happens to businesses in all sectors.

A recent article from the Hartford Business Journal profiled Connecticut's legal sector, which has rebounded in recent years following the recession. Helping with the turnaround has been the influence of business technology. Specifically, this has included the use of mobile devices, encrypted networks and cloud storage.

According to Mark Dubois, a lawyer from New London and the impending Connecticut Bar Association president, the use of this technology has fundamentally changed how individuals define themselves as lawyers, how communication happens with clients and how legal services are delivered. This isn't doing the same task with different tool, but a refashioning of everything.

"Technology has been an important sentinel in his firm's march toward greater efficiency and security for client-lawyer communiques and documents," Thomas Marrion, managing partner in regional law firm Hinckley Allen's Hartford office, told the news source. "We think three to four years down the road, we'll see even more the benefits of investing more time and effort in that.''

The only problem is that there is no "one-size-fits-all" type of solution for all businesses. Instead, companies need to start looking at their specific situations and work on creating custom database software or examine the network to make sure that every system is deployed successfully and meets the specific needs of a company.