FAQ: Does Kyo Logic support other programs besides FileMaker?

Posted by Justin Hesser on May 13, 2014

Every business considering a partnership with a FileMaker developer is going to have questions. In this series we will address the frequently asked questions that our customers have about our services.

Answer: You would be hard pressed to find any company that only uses one software suite. While an organization is certain to rely heavily on one or two systems in particular, the nature of business means companies are using or have used a multitude of different solutions.

For businesses that have operated for some time, it is possible that multiple systems are still in use. As the business landscape has evolved, it is not unheard of for a company to bring in new systems and try to incorporate it with the existing solutions.

Once this has happened, some aspects of older software may prove to be the best way for a company to handle business. This creates a hodgepodge of solutions that an organization is now using to hand the core data and processes of their business.

The problem with this is that it can now become difficult to try and move onto a new system. This is where partnering with a software provider that is not stuck in a silo becomes crucial because it provides organizations with one place to go for all their questions.

While Kyo Logic's main focus is FileMaker, we also offer support to SQL, Websites, PHP and Ruby. We can also handle a full integration with Microsoft systems, which are the most popular business suite on the market.