Can Kyo Logic work on files I wrote?

Posted by Justin Hesser on May 25, 2014

Every business considering a partnership with a FileMaker developer is going to have questions. In this series we will address the frequently asked questions that our customers have about our services.

Answer: Anyone who has ever asked for help on a complicated project knows that it is always easier to work with your personal tools and systems. Not only is there a familiarity with them, but it is easier to understand new concepts when the tools and systems being discussed are already familiar to the user.

Imagine you are rebuilding a car from the ground up and run into a problem with the engine. If you were to turn to someone for help would you rather have them explain it to you using a different vehicle, with different parts, or have them come your work location and demonstrate on the engine you are rebuilding?

This also provides those who are offering help a better opportunity to see where you stand and how well you grasp what you are doing. In the car rebuilding example above, by having the experts see your handy work, they can better grasp how well the lessons are taking root.

The same idea can be used when talking about FileMaker. At Kyo Logic, we work on the files of our clients all the time. Not only does this help organizations get direct help with their questions, but we like to see a copy of the files in order to evaluate what would be required before we start work. In the end, this provides us with the best opportunity to help our customers.