FAQ: Can you extract my data from an old system?
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FAQ: Can you extract my data from an old system or on something else (Google docs, excel)?

FAQ: Can you extract my data from an old system or on something else (Google docs, excel)?

Every business considering a partnership with a FileMaker developer is going to have questions. In this series we will address the frequently asked questions that our customers have about our services.

Answer: While many business decision makers are starting to get on the big data bandwagon, one of the most challenging aspects of deploying a new solution is being able to take older data and incorporate it into current strategies.

Organizations could be gathering this information for years, and it is a disservice to leave it behind when adopting a new system like FileMaker. In many cases, this older data can still be immensely valuable for examining trends.

It is critical for companies regardless of how long they have been in business, as any past information can be an important piece for a current decision.

At Kyo Logic, we can help extract data from older systems including Google docs and Excel. This can be done through the built-in tools of the system that allow information to be imported and exported with a few simple clicks.

We also have a series of custom apps at our disposal to help organizations extract information from more sophisticated applications like Access, FoxPro and more.

For every organization, the key to adopting big data and being able to gain thoughtful insights is by having a complete collection of information. However, bringing data that could be spread across multiple platforms together is the key to success. Kyo Logic can help any business, big or small, take these multiple data points and bring them under the FileMaker name.

Justin Hesser

Kyo Logic