How Berklee College of Music embraced the iPad thanks to FileMaker Go

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 9, 2014

Many organizations need to create a comprehensive database and certain tools are more popular than others.

A recent article from CITEworld profiled Berklee College of Music in Boston and features an interview with Damien Bracken, the dean of admissions. He mentioned that every year there are roughly 7,200 applicants and to figure out who is the most qualified talent, team admission staff must travel the globe to 120 sites to interview talent and evaluate not only talent but also potential.

To keep all this information updated, secure and streamlined, Berklee employees were required to carry laptops to enter all of this data when it was fresh. The organization was finally able to ditch the heavy computers on 2012 in favor of iPads because FileMaker – the database software the school has been using for over 20 years – released a mobile platform.

This allowed the officials to stay within a single application ecosystem. Now, all 30 members of the school's recruiting team carry the tablet and use the cloud-based software to take notes and upload them to the department from the road.

"Prior to FileMaker Go, which was designed for the iPad, we used some other products but they weren't up to par," Bracken said. "We needed something at a very professional level. As soon as this application came out it was like the sea parting for me, seriously. Having that available on a mobile device is huge for us."

He added that by using this kind of approach, it gives students the feeling that the school has all its ducks in a row when it comes to data.

This is one example for how a FileMaker solution can revolutionize how a business operates.