FileMaker Go on list of top mobile apps for businesses

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 11, 2014

If you were to create a tool kit for any entrepreneur of the must-have gadgets to start their business with, the iPad would certainly be included. The device has made it possible for companies to effectively integrate a mobile element to their business.

Now, with the right applications, the mobile device can become nearly any tool that an organization could need. Plug in a Square credit card reader and it's a POS system. Sales people in the field can enter customer information or access critical data to help meet customer demand. It is also possible to run HR, manufacturing projects and countless other business tasks from the palm of your hand.

However, it can be difficult for small and midsized businesses to decide which apps they truly need if they are getting into the mobile landscape for the first time. Last month, NetworkWorld created a list of seven free iPad applications that businesses should download. Topping it was FileMaker Go.

"If you're a FileMaker Pro user on your PC or laptop, FileMaker Go lets you access these database apps from your iPad (note: the PC version is still needed to create, modify and sync your databases)," the post reads. "Version 12 in 2013 was a big change: lots of new features and controls, improved multimedia capabilities, multitasking support, greatly improved speed, and available free for the first time."

Businesses that are new to these systems can partner with a FileMaker solution provider to develop a plan, learn the software and start reaping their benefits.