FileMaker releases training guides for version 13

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 31, 2014

There are many systems in the corporate landscape that require business professionals to learn a new set of skills to be successful. However, learning these systems is not as easy as it seems, and because of how advanced the solution is, learning the skills could be complicated.

According to a press release from the company, FileMaker has released a new version of its training services series that is designed to help businesses learn the essentials of FileMaker 13. The system is available through Book and DVD, PDF and iBooks.

"Learn how to build a custom solution utilizing the full capabilities of the FileMaker Platform that meets the ever-changing needs of your business. 'The FileMaker Training Series: Advanced' covers a comprehensive set of topics to help you master the essentials of FileMaker 13 solution development," the article reads. "'FileMaker Training Series: Advanced' comes with a detailed, step-by-step manual and includes demo files, exercises and videos to help guide you through the materials."

There are several modules that make up the series that users will be able to master if they complete these projects. They include:

Introduction – This is the basics of the FileMaker platform and is the start of the journey. This is where organizations will be able to gain a fundamental knowledge to start using the database.

Data – FileMaker is a database, so understanding the basics of data relations, integrity and implementing multiple-table solutions are critical. This includes learning about certain types of data, auto-entry, validation, field storage and indexing. It also incorporates images.

Interface – This is the ability to work efficiently with several layouts, which is an essential skill for any developer. Whether accessing data from a mobile, desktop or the Web, the layout needs to be tailored to the specific environment in order for it to be successful.

Solution Logic: Calculations – This is a specific function that works in the calculation engine and can be applied in several contexts. These custom functions are built and use them in database solutions. There is also a set of specific functions for the mobile platform.

Solutions Logic: Scripting – Scripting allow users to create routines that can be triggered in a variety of ways. These make it easier to write and troubleshoot scripts for several platforms.

Reporting – Create reports in FileMaker with a number of techniques. Explore basic and advanced systems that can be used to learn cross-tab reports. This also touches on ExecuteSQL functions.

Security – This is a crucial component of every technology solution on the market. There are several built-in security features that need to be handled for companies to be successful.

Deployment – Work on deploying a FileMaker solution with the new FileMaker WebDirect technology and the improved FileMaker Go mobile application.

Integration – There are several different systems that can be integrated with FileMaker. These include SQL, ODBC connections and External SQL Data Source capabilities.

While this idea of self-learning can be help companies and individuals who have the time to learn it, it will not work for all businesses. This is where a FileMaker support service can come into play and help train an organization on all the best practices of FileMaker 13.