FileMaker announces 2014 Developers Conference

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 26, 2014

Many businesses have been using FileMaker to create dynamic databases for a number of different purposes since 1985. However, as with every software solution, no one knows everything and gathering with others in the industry can be great way to spread knowledge and create new solutions.

This week, a press release from FileMaker, Inc. announced the details of the 2014 FileMaker Developer Conference. This is the largest annual gathering of worldwide FileMaker independent and corporate custom business solution developers, trainers and users. The 19th annual conference will be held July 28-31 at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas. There are projected to be 1,200 FileMaker enthusiasts and 45 speakers from 27 countries participating.

The theme of this year's event will be how companies can run their "business without boundaries."

"Attendees will hear about FileMaker Platform futures, exchange tips on developing solutions, learn new skills,; network with developers from around the world and see new products and services," the release reads. "Seven conference tracks will help attendees learn how to remove the boundaries to running their business and create custom solutions with the FileMaker 13 Platform that meet their unique needs."

For attendees, those tracks include:

Pre-con – This allows participants a chance to take a crash course in FileMaker in six two-hour sessions prior to the start of the conference.

Mobility – Attendees are able to gain a first hand look at what is possible with mobile devices and FileMaker Go. This includes synchronization, location service and the new features to the mobile version of the software like barcode scanning and iOS keyboard types.

Innovation – This examines the latest innovations that developers are working on in areas including integration, business intelligence and high-volume systems.

Core – This focuses on the fundamental skills needed for FileMaker including data modeling, scripting and best practices among others.

Design – Attendees are able to uncover the benefits of designing with the user-centered software to create the most effective solutions possible. You will also be able to learn the new themes and styling tools that have been incorporated into FileMaker to create visually appealing solutions.

Web – This is a focus on using FileMaker solutions for the web. Not only does it touch on the new platform FileMaker WebDirect, but also custom web publishing with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Business – Many organizations are using FileMaker as a tool to run a successful organization. Leaders will share their stories and best practices for developing this system for the future.

The event will feature the popular hackathon event, where attendees create solutions to specific challenges and the Visionary Bar, which is a support area similar to Apple's Genius Bar in the retail stores. 

There will also be multiple sessions and panels that touch on all the tracks including "Building a Very Successful FileMaker Go Business," "Under the Hood with Database Encryption and FileMaker Server 13" and "Five Lessons for FileMaker WebDirect."

The FileMaker platform is helping many companies create dynamic solutions. Following the conference, FileMaker developers could have a number of new tricks up their sleeves to help clients use the platform in new ways.