FileMaker 13 vastly improves ‘Go’ capabilities

Posted by Justin Hesser on February 25, 2014

One of the reasons that FileMaker has managed to be successful for over two decades is the company's firm commitment to innovation. Few companies have been able to navigate the ever-changing tech waters like FileMaker, which has seamlessly integrated new capabilities over the years to keep its classic offerings imminently modern. 

The newest iteration, FileMaker 13, has instituted many changes to benefit customers looking to organize and analyze data more effectively. Many of the most impressive of these come bundled with "Go,", the mobile application for the custom database software, now available on iPad and iPhone via the App Store. What makes the program especially convenient is that its a universal app, meaning that you only need one download to use it on all of your iOS devices, whether they're running iOS 6 or iOS 7.

While Go has been available in the past, the newest version has a slew of new features and improvements, making it easier than ever to create custom business solutions. 

Better keyboard types

Data entry can be a painstaking and meticulous process. With this app, it's quicker and easier than ever, thanks to new input options. You can choose between a variety of keyboards, including ASCII, URL, email, numeric 10-key, number keypad, phone number and number and punctuation. All of these choices are specified in FileMaker Pro 13 for use in the mobile application. 

Bar code scanning

These days, more information is stored on bar codes than ever before. They're not just for supermarkets and other retailers anymore: now, students, job-seekers and researchers are all keeping data in the form of upright black bars. With the latest version of FileMaker Go, you can scan them instantly, and any associated data will be immediately populated into the correct fields. This is possible for a number of different types of codes, including UPC and QR. 

Starter Solutions

Getting started with FileMaker Go has never been more simple. Design clues are available in a freshly designed portal, making it easier to organize contacts, assets, content management and invoices. 

Seamless controls

You don't have to think of content in terms of static boxes anymore. Instead of a program like Excel, which constrains you to particular fields and isn't particularly dynamic, FileMaker now allows you to create multiple sliding panels so that your content can exist in changeable regions. This is especially valuable considering the sometimes limited space on mobile devices, which are built specifically for moveable pieces. 

To this end, you can use the swipe gestures you've become accustomed to on these devices. One finger changes panels to a slide control, and two can be used to change records. 

Better security

The integrity of your information is critical. It's why better encryption was added to FileMaker Go 13. Now, data is encrypted while on your device or hosted on FileMaker Server 13, as well as when it's moving over a network on the web. An AES 256-bit encryption means that you never have to worry about losing valuable information, even if your device is lost or stolen. 

Looking to get the most out of this new, exciting software? Working with a Connecticut FileMaker developer can help you design the sort of custom solutions that make your company more efficient and increase profits.