FileMaker 13 showcase a massive success

Posted by Justin Hesser on February 26, 2014

As we've discussed on this blog in the past, FileMaker 13 has an exciting range of new functionalities. KYO Logic was excited to showcase some of the more powerful ones earlier this month, and would like to formally thank those of you that braved the snow to attend and share in the possibilities. 

Guests were treated to the presence of Mia Roop and Ronnie Rios, both of FileMaker Inc. Mr. Rios, who was the featured speaker at the event, is a Solutions Consultant at the company, and brought with him over 15 years experience in consulting and database software solutions development. For over half a decade, he wore an Apple badge providing pre and post-sales technical assistance to customers, developing internal systems and reporting tools, and ultimately growing into Technology Coordinator and Consultant roles. A FileMaker Certified Developer and Authorized Trainer, he also holds an MBA, several Apple certifications, and is fluent in Spanish.

He and Ms. Roop were instrumental in discussing some of the more powerful features, including FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Go, Custom Themes, Popovers and Slide Controls, Object Control Visibility, 256 bit AES encryption, and more. These tools are instrumental in creating user-friendly applications with better interface, security and mobility options. 

As Connecticut FileMaker developers, we at KYO logic were thrilled to not only have such knowledgeable guests from FileMaker, but also such interesting and engaged attendees. We hope you continue to check out this blog, and would like to once again extend our gratitude to those that were able to come.