Is small thinking hurting your big data strategy?

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 23, 2014

Big data has become so prominent in the corporate lexicon that some individuals may mistakenly think they have a firm handle on the concept, when in fact their understanding is far short of where it needs to be. Even worse, many business managers are thinking about big data the wrong way, which can significantly limit the effectiveness of their data management strategies. 

An article in GigaOM suggests these people are thinking small about big data, asking questions that don't allow them to capitalize on the value of their information. According to the piece, questions like "how do we store all of this data" and "what's a different way to analyze this" represent the kind of thinking that hinders an organization's big data progress.

"This is small thinking. And it's dangerous," the article says. "Focusing on the technology and new forms of data in isolated and abstract ways will ultimately limit the value. Instead, organizations should be searching for ways to incorporate big data and data science into their existing capabilities. Preexisting business intelligence activities still have value but can be enhanced by adding new big data capabilities."

The key is to find ways to incorporate big data into your current operations and utilize it to your advantage. This might require the development of systems designed to facilitate big data management. FileMaker developers who can conduct custom Web application development have the ability to deliver systems to collect, manage and store information, all in a virtual environment, which allow you to capitalize on your information growth.