FileMaker could help determine which employees to promote

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 16, 2014

In this space, we've discussed how Big Data principles can help you make better hiring decisions. Now, with the right database and some shrewd analysis, it can help you determine which employees deserve to be promoted — and which ones should be shown the door. 

It's difficult, bordering on impossible, for any manager to be completely objective about his or her staff. You get to know certain people better than others. Some employees are great at appearing to put in a lot of effort without actually trying very hard, and others have a difficult time promoting the good things they are able to do. 

In a big company, with a huge staff, these sort of imbalances even themselves out over the course of time. Even if the promotion/firing process isn't as efficient as it could be, the sheer size of the business serves as some insulation against a few less-than-productive members. For a small or medium sized business, however, every employee is a vital cog in the machinery that keeps things moving forward. If one isn't working properly, it's time to make a switch. 

That's where FileMaker support can help. 

Instead of being forced to simply use the eye test and determine which employees seem to be the most capable, you can actually create a database that will identify the metrics most accurately correlated with success. The results could end up surprising you: criteria that seemed negligible may in the end wind up being big drivers of sales. In addition, a more data-driven promotion process will more accurately reward the best employees, and allow you to cut yourself free of ones that are hampering productivity.