Visualize your FileMaker data for best effect

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 12, 2013

Getting involved with large-scale analytics is an important first step. Working with a FileMaker developer to design a way to collect, sift and categorize your data can pay immediate dividends. If you want to take your analysis to the next level, though, it might be time to think about visualizing.

Simply put, "visualizing data" takes the information you have and organizes it into in image to highlight particular trends. It isn't meant to supplant spreadsheets, but rather to enhance them. This process creates an ease of communication that facilitates cooperation, and can turn a meeting from a slow process of poring over numbers, to an efficient exchange of big ideas. A trend that might not stand out when it's amid other numbers on a screen could suddenly become obvious when displayed in another format. 

You can even adjust it so that the image updates in real-time. Using color and design, these snapshots can tell a high-level story about your data, which the information itself can then elaborate on. If, for example, you are trying to sell a potential client on the efficacy of your product, a graphic representation might be more visually arresting. Once you've created that interest, you can use the particulars to support the narrative. 

This approach also pairs well with using a service like FileMaker. Since the software allows you to parse your information so quickly and efficiently, it's simple to create visualizations that can highlight a variety of different factors. Using images is yet another way to use the powerful tools afforded by Big Data to create approachable and workable takeaways.