How FileMaker helps the best ballers stay sharp

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 8, 2013

At the highest levels of basketball, every player is fast. Every player is strong and talented. What sets the truly great ones apart is how well they use the information provided to them on a day to day basis.

Mike Procopio is the man who provides that information, and FileMaker is what lets him do it with ease.

Mike is the founder of The Hoop Consultants, a basketball strategy firm that has helped NBA players like Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant hone their games throughout the year. A former scout, he watches hundreds of games a year, taking meticulous notes and gathering as much intel as he can possibly get on everything he sees. Typing and entering all that information to create a composite profile of  player would take up to six hours.

Until he got FileMaker support

By creating a custom database, he was able to streamline the entire process. Rather than having to build his profiles manually, he can capture and sort large amounts of data in a flash: everything from a player's age, statistics, height, weight and salary information is gathered for convenient analysis. This information is valuable not only to players themselves, but also to scouts looking to find the next big thing.

"As I'm watching college players, I can automatically pull in profiles of every player in the NBA at his position with the same height and overall profile," says Procopio. "In 10 or 15 minutes I have examples that tell a scout whether we've found a new Kobe clone or other great player that could be a tremendous asset at the professional level."

At the elite levels of basketball, every advantage counts. With FileMaker, Mike Procopio helps provide that edge.