How big data can help with email marketing strategies

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 1, 2013

While technology advancements have helped launch new communication methods such as social media and SMS communication, email remains one of the most effective ways for companies to interact with their customers. Email marketing is still a valuable business practice, mainly because of its ability to adapt to new processes.

For example, while we have moved from traditional PCs to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as our primary computer, businesses have managed to adjust email messages so they can be optimized for smaller screen displays. Today, people all over the globe prefer to check email on their mobile gadgets instead of a desktop or laptop computer, and those tasked with sending emails have capitalized on this fact. 

Additionally, big data has become a major component of modern email marketing campaigns. Businesses are able to use the information they collect from other customer interactions and utilize it to send higher quality and more focused emails to a more eager buying group. Using big data can make email marketing campaigns that much stronger.

The online publication Marketing Profs offered a seminar to visitors on the use of big data in email marketing initiatives, and in its introduction article the site offered some keen insights regarding the practice. 

"Every day brings another chance to deliver timely, memorable experiences for potential buyers," the article said. "Whether they're long-time customers or fresh new prospects, our job as marketers is to optimize their experience with our brand so that they'll choose our products [and come back for more]. But optimizing those experiences takes more than guess work; to achieve email marketing success, we must rely on the data our marketing programs generate every day."

To successfully use data to fuel an email marketing campaign, it's important for companies to collect that information in a system that can both integrate with its outreach applications while also presenting data in an easy-to-understand format. A custom database software system will have to enable the marketer to make smart decisions based on its data without having to slow their processes by waiting for information to update or spending a prolonged period of time searching for it.

FileMaker development can allow businesses to create powerful systems that can assist with any email marketing strategy.