Kyo Logic to open Boston office

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 11, 2013

Kyo Logic is always expanding and this summer we are opening an office right in the heart of Boston's financial district. This office will allow us to work closely with clients in the area and improve our relationship with all Boston-based customers.

President John Mathewson recently gave a statement regarding the move, expressing his optimism pertaining to its potential.

"We are thrilled to open our new Boston office to support our clients in the Boston metro area," he said. "We see Boston as a bright future for us and look forward to becoming more active in the Massachusetts software development community."

Boston's involvement in major industries such as healthcare, finance and business technology means that numerous local organizations have extensive data needs. Boston is home to some of the world's best medical facilities, financial firms and technology providers, but without proper resources to effectively manage pertinent information, many of these companies would not be able to live up to their potential.

That's why Kyo Logic has taken such a keen interest in the Bay State's capital. There are a number of prestigious colleges and universities in the area, so we know there are extremely smart people working throughout the city with a willingness to learn. This is why we have taken the opportunity to work with a number of local industry professionals and developers to improve the way they manage information. As FileMaker development continues to emerge as an ideal solution for creating custom database software solutions, we have spent a considerable amount of time working with Bostonians to enhance their FileMaker skills.

Now it will be even easier to do so. 

Our office will be at:

60 State Street
Suite 700
Boston, Massachusetts 02109