Kyo Logic issues database user survey

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 12, 2013

At Kyo Logic, we believe gaining a better understanding of our customers and how they manage data will ultimately lead to improved services and make us better at what we do. That's why we recently issued a survey that asked people their views about using shared databases at work.

As proponents of FileMaker development and its benefits, we were curious as to who uses FileMaker in their everyday work and how it compares to other systems that they use.

The overall purpose of this survey is to launch an on-going effort to understand what is most important when using databases in the work place. This research will tell us about FileMaker as well as many other systems found in offices today. As creators of custom database software systems, we want to make sure that we are focusing on the features and benefits that users find most valuable.

Many of our questions centered around our users, because it gives us a better sense of how FileMaker-based platforms are used. We want to know the industries our customers reside in and the size of their respective companies. We want to know which types of jobs our recipients have and how FileMaker helps them with their various daily tasks. Additionally, we want to know how their needs change as the size of their business changes.

We are also curious about the user experience. We want to know how easy their systems are to operate, which issues they encounter, how they collaborate and share information, and how they feel about the look of their interface. Understanding different types of people's preferences allow us to get a better sense of the interfaces they use and prefer.

One of the things that Kyo Logic prides itself on is the fact that we are constantly trying to learn more about our business and customers. For us, creating a survey wasn't just about finding out about a few users' preferences, but also opening a dialogue with people so that we can learn and innovate. This information will ultimately help Kyo Logic not only promote the advantages of custom software development, but also formulate strategies geared towards making our systems better overall for users.