Cloud computing could be major asset for businesses

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 17, 2013

The internet is becoming a more centralized resource for businesses of all sizes. Two major issues, though, are storage and security. How can a company keep large amounts of data safe, and ensure access to that information whenever necessary?

The Federal Times explained in a recent piece how cloud technology gives businesses the opportunity to store large amounts of data, but only use a few data centers. The news source used the CIA's recent $600 million agreement with Amazon Web Services as an example. With large government agencies willing to invest in such innovations, smaller companies could be more willing to follow suit.

An organization like the CIA relies on secure data storage, and will need large amounts of information to be kept safe.

Accelera Solutions president Joe Brown explained to the news source that cloud technology is a great way for companies to handle big data.

"Customers have a much more dynamic way to store, retrieve and operate in cloud environments," Brown told the Federal Times. "They don't have to call someone and say, 'Retrieve data, bring it to my office and let me reconstitute it on my server,' or format the data to be analyzed."

Brown added how cloud computing could eliminate the need for businesses to rely on local hardware constraints.

As more organizations work toward implementing cloud technology into daily operations, it is important that they have the necessary tools to make the process as smooth as possible. Having a custom database software system in place will help businesses better incorporate the cloud and big data into daily operations. When companies are able to develop in FileMaker, it guarantees that they have flexible solutions for numerous situations.