Velocity a growing trend in big data

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 3, 2013

The volume of information collected in the big data era is growing at an extraordinary pace, but that's not the only way the technology is evolving. 

The future of big data is brighter than ever before, as companies are discovering new ways to collect and utilize their information to benefit their business. Because there's a greater amount of data flowing in and out of organizational systems, the speed in which it's processed must also be increased. 

An article in the online publication InTech examines the big data trends businesses should look out for in the near future. In addition to higher volumes and a greater variety of information, data velocity is also a major factor organizations will have to be cognizant of in order to maximize the value of their strategies. 

"As embedded sensors in all sorts of equipment become ubiquitous, and the cost of mobile connectivity continues to drop, we can expect the speed at which data is collected to go up exponentially," writes Sanat Joshi, the article's author. "For example, imagine every car sold by a car company sending frequent updates about the health of various sub-systems in the car, and millions of cars on the road continuously sending in updates, or an oil-drilling platform receiving continuous streams of data from the well, or the click-stream data for users of an application like Facebook."

As companies receive information in a fast and furious manner, they must be prepared to manage it. Developing a custom database software solution may be the only way businesses can guarantee their ability to keep up. 

FileMaker development is an ideal way to create this system, because it allows users to build a scalable solution that can keep up with any new big data trends as they come about.