Forrester: Data management shifting to ‘hub-and-spoke’ philosophy

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 19, 2013

The way we collect, manage, report on and analyze data has changed dramatically in concurrence with the emergence of new technology. In the past, information needed to live in lavish environments in order to be effective. However, modern tech has allowed users to simplify the data management process.

One of the key terms pertaining to this phenomenon is "hub-and-spoke," which describes the type of data infrastructure necessary for managing a successful operation in today's business climate. According to a new study from Forrester Research, this is the future of information management, as it helps organizations maximize the value of their data.

Forrester analyst Brian Hopkins spoke about this in a corresponding report, indicating that the old ways of managing information have become cumbersome and unnecessary.

"Yesterday's correct data architecture involved centralized warehouses, marts, operational data stores and a lot of ETL [extract, transfer and load.] Because data warehouses were expensive, building one and forcing all data into it was a logical approach," he said, suggesting that new-wave methods have become more conducive for today's needs. "Hub-and-spoke … features rapid analytics and extreme-scale operations on raw data in an affordable distributed data hub. Firms that get this concept realize all data does not need first-class seating."

To go along with simplified data infrastructure, organizations must have a system in place designed to effectively manage and report on their information. By initiating FileMaker development, companies can build custom database software systems that will allow users to control their information. This will complement all modern storage and infrastructure strategies and allow companies to truly get the most out of their data.