DevCon 2013: Buyer’s Guide: Synchronization Tools

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 23, 2013

Be on the lookout for our friend Mark Richman from Skeleton Key doing an interesting session on Synchronization Tools at this years’DevCon 2013.
FileMaker Developer Conference 2013
Buyer’s Guide: Synchronization Tools Presenter:   Mark Richman (Skeleton Key) Time:          Wed. August 14, 2013 10:45 am Track:         FileMaker Go Skill Level:   Advanced FileMaker Go has increased the demand for FileMaker solutions that offer a mobile interface. Unfortunately, wireless and cellular networks still suffer from spotty coverage and inconsistent performance. A common solution – some method of synchronization – is often part of the puzzle. Picking the right synchronization tool can be confusing. Like most things in life, everyone has their opinion, all too often shaped by relatively limited experience. This session aims to make a mostly objective/somewhat subjective assessment of three popular and commercially available synchronization products, and to evaluate them on common criteria such as how easy they are to setup, quality of documentation, performance with different types and sizes of data, support for conflict resolution, etc. Much like a ‘Consumer Report’s Buyer’s Guide’, the goal of this session is NOT to pick the best product, but to educate the buyer on how to make the right selection for their scenario before they start developing. Products and Technologies
  • FileMaker Server
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Filemaker Go
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Synchronization
What You Will Learn
  • The lineup: a high-level overview of SyncDek Mobile, GoZync and MirrorSync
  • The criteria: what we reviewed, what we tested and how we measured our results
  • The results: the nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty, no-holds-barred results of our reviews and testing
  • The recommendations: which tool we’d recommend for various deployment/development scenarios