Study: Mobile devices becoming increasingly popular inside office walls

Posted by Justin Hesser on May 2, 2013

The advantages of building mobile business solutions have been discussed at great length in this blog, but much of the benefits of implementing a mobile strategy have been geared toward those who conduct business on the go. The ability to process information and build reports during the course of a business road trip, for example, is a strong driver of mobile adoption. However, while this benefit will always attract companies to go this route, there are many advantages that can be felt in-house.

FileMaker recently published a study that found that 59 percent of respondents connect their mobile devices to their company’s wireless networks and servers. These individuals are using their gadgets – whether they are deployed by the organization or brought from home as part of a BYOD strategy – inside the walls of the facility as a way to automate internal processes.

Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, Inc., released a statement in which he referred to those who use mobility inside the office as productivity warriors and indicated that they are fueling the rise in these devices in the business market.

“The next wave of business mobility, fuelled by iPad and iPhone-equipped ‘productivity warriors,’ is delivering real ROI by automating processes in the building and on the company campus,” Rosenberg said. “Of course we see many traditional road warriors using FileMaker, but we were surprised to find how much use was actually occurring inside the building. We were also impressed at how frequently businesses are replacing paper-based processes with iPads and iPhones, thus automating areas of their business not practical before.”

FileMaker can help with custom application development so those who use their devices in the office can improve the way they manage data and improve their own processes.