Our FileMaker developer certifications set us apart from the competition

Posted by Justin Hesser on May 22, 2013

In case you haven’t noticed, we are big fans of FileMaker around here. Not only are the developers on our team certified in numerous versions of the platform, we are always up-to-date on new product releases and strive to become one of the first organizations to receive certification after they launch.

FileMaker Pro 12 was released in April of 2012. Today, Kyo Logic has four FileMaker development professionals certified to work with that platform. Our professionals have a full understanding of its features and our skill and expertise allow us to get the most out of its functionality. Because we were one of the first companies to receive certification in FileMaker Pro 12, our experience sets us apart from the competition.

While we encourage our clients to embrace innovation and stay current with FileMaker platforms, we understand that’s not a practical option for everyone. That’s why we employ a staff who is certified in a number of FileMaker’s older releases. We have five developers certified with FileMaker 11, four with FileMaker 10, three with FileMaker 9, two with FileMaker 8 and one with FileMaker 7, so even if you’re hanging on to an aging system, you can rest assured that we have someone with the ability to work with your platform.

Going forward, we will be on the lookout for future FileMaker releases. When FileMaker 13 becomes available, you can be sure that we’ll be one of the first companies to study its capabilities and become certified developers. FileMaker is always on the cutting edge of developer platform technology, and we are always taking necessary steps to keep up. Regardless of the version we develop in, you can be certain that each solution we create will be done so with the speed, efficiency and precision our clients have come to expect of us.