It’s time to put those cloud fears to bed

Posted by Justin Hesser on May 1, 2013

Since the advent of big data as a common business issue and cloud computing as a data management solution, there has been much chatter about both. Some of the more traditionally-minded professionals have suggested that the cloud is an inadequate information management solution because it lacks the level of security businesses need. Those fears can be put aside.

An article in Smart Businesses titled "How holding to cloud hosting and data management myths could cost you" addresses this very issue and emphatically states that many of the fears about cloud computing are unfounded. 

"Cloud infrastructure is at least as secure and possibly more secure than the dedicated servers many companies are currently using," writes Ryan Niddel, the article's author. "The hardware virtualization architecture used in cloud hosting keeps systems working through redundancy, which means utilizing multiple servers to back up clients' data. And the transition from one environment to another happens with no perceived interruption in service."

Essentially, the nature of hosting data in the cloud is what will inevitably protect it from a security breach. This means that when organizations are finding ways to manage information, perhaps by creating a custom database software system, hosting that solution in the cloud will go a long way toward keeping information safe. 

FileMaker is a perfect development solution for businesses looking for smart ways to store and manage their data. Not only will they be able to build an effective application that can help view and report on information in real-time, the ability to host this system in the cloud will provide extra layers of efficiency. And, despite traditional thought, users managing this system in the cloud can rest assured knowing their data is safe and secure.