Timely application development helps financial organizations keep up with data growth

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 18, 2013

Data growth has accelerated in recent years, particularly in areas such as the financial industry. Because so much financial activity is conducted online these days, digital information has increased tenfold – a fact that organizations in the industry are struggling with.

An article in Wall Street and Tech suggests that information in the financial industry is growing 30 to 50 percent each year. Organizations are receiving data from a bevy of sources – a factor that has become even more critical now that mobile banking has blossomed into a standard practice. Without a proper database software system in place, it may be difficult to keep up.

Gary Smerdon, senior vice president and general manager of the Accelerate Solutions Division at LSI Corp., an organization that specialized in accelerated storage and networking needs in data centers, spoke with the news source about solutions to manage this issue.

“Traditionally, most spending in the enterprise space has been on traditional database technology,” Smerdon said. “But now with big data and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), there are requirements for larger databases and technology that can handle a VDI.”

This blog has touched on this before and stressed the importance of a data management solution that can work with a virtual storage option like the cloud. While implementing this kind of software will certainly help and improve the value of cloud computing or a virtualized server, it must be obtained and installed quickly.

That’s where FileMaker shows its value. By using the platform for custom application development, organizations can ensure their systems will be built and installed quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Data growth is not going to stop as businesses work to create an information management system.  FileMaker’s timely development capabilities allow organizations to stay ahead of their own data.