Study: Businesses lose productivity when they aren’t equipped to handle IT issues

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 28, 2013

Productivity is the key to business profitability. When it comes down to it, companies need their employees to do the jobs they are assigned to and for everyone to work as a cohesive unit. However, in an increasingly technical workspace, that’s becoming harder for many companies, as any failures pertaining to hardware or software must be addressed. Often, smaller organizations lack the personnel to manage these issues with licensed professionals.

If a server should shut down or a backup fails and information is lost, any company without an IT staffer onsite has limited options. Typically, the individual in the office with the most computer knowledge is asked to perform the task, which certainly isn’t an ideal solution.

Not only is the person tasked with solving the problem likely untrained in whatever they are doing, they also aren’t doing their actual job, at least at that moment, so the company suffers greatly. A recent study covered this scenario and found that businesses lose up to $24 million each year in productivity as a result.

“Many small businesses do not have the budget for formal IT support, so they rely on the company’s most tech-savvy individual to manage their technology,” said Andy Bose, CEO of AMI-Partners, the organization that conducted the survey.

Many issues like this relate to lost information. Businesses obtain complex hardware and software solutions that they are unequipped to manage and, as a result, data becomes lost. Instead, organizations should simplify the process with a database software system that’s both user-friendly and accessible from a multitude of places. This alleviates the stress on any one particular system.

FileMaker is a perfect solution in this scenario because it can be hosted in the cloud, which can help reduce a number of complex IT infrastructure issues that some companies may not be able to fix.