Rebranding? Make sure you organize your data

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 26, 2013

Rebranding is a major venture at any organization but, at times, it is completely necessary. When a company decides its current image has grown stale, or it wants to slightly adjust its offerings to attract new business, rebranding could be in order. However, because this action can make or break an organization, it's imperative that enough effort goes into the project to ensure its success. This includes the collection of a substantial amount of data.

A rebranding effort is designed to change the way a company appears in front of the public. So, it's best to gauge the public's opinion prior to committing to any dramatic change in the tone of an organization. Social media campaigns are popular because they are so easy to manage with today's technology, but there are other ways to reach out and extract data from potential customers as well. The key is to find a way to store and manage that information.

Developing a system designed to pull, sort, view and report on pertinent information can go a long way toward ensuring the success of a rebranding strategy. Suppose an organization wants to change its color scheme and it ran a public poll with three different options to choose from. The company will want to know which scheme received the most votes, so it can incorporate that information into its strategy.

However, it should be noted that information isn't always as cut-and-dry. One color scheme could emerge as the winner of that particular poll, but those who voted on it may not be the target audience. That information will have to be considered as well. 

Ultimately, the amount of data that goes into structuring a rebranding project is vast and it is extremely complex. Using simply systems to manage it won't allow businesses to yield the most value from their information. Using FileMaker to create a custom database software solution, however, will give companies the tools they need to harness the power of their data and orchestrate a truly positive rebranding strategy.