Database software can help detect and fix online issues

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 25, 2013

Communication between businesses and consumers has been increasingly digital since the advent of the internet. Moreover, the shift from in-person to online interaction appears to be accelerating, rather than slowing down. Today, organizations rely on online interaction with consumers to fuel their business initiatives, and any issue that prevents that could lead to major problems.

Companies need solutions in place to monitor Web activity and the successes and failures that accompany the online experience. For example, suppose the website is down for a period of time or a specific function of the site is broken. Those issues must be handled quickly.

In today's big data era, they can be. You've probably seen an application crash and a subsequent popup message asking if you want to restart the program or send information to an admin. When issues are reported, this is data that can be processed to fix these issues quickly without compromising the user experience.

Anindya Neogi, a contributor with Forbes India, wrote a recent article explaining his problems paying his mobile bill online. The payment portal wasn't working and, although Neogi works in IT and has an understanding of how issues like this get fixed, he was frustrated due to the amount of time it was taking to resolve his issue. 

Negoi compared encountering an online issue with calling to file a complaint, and how each is resolved at a different rate. 

"When I lodge my complaint with the call-center and the application support engineer is called in, how does he detect the problem in minutes and not 24-48 hours?" he asked. "The IT systems produce a huge amount of data with wide variety to trace most activities, such as those on the payment transaction flow."

Businesses need a system designed to better process data generated from online issues. A custom database software system will allow information to be found and processed quickly, which will improve the effectiveness of online services.