Custom database software can help small business owners

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 19, 2013

Small business owners tend to have a lot on their plate. Often, in addition to maintaining operations and keeping the business profitable, they are responsible for managing their company's marketing, sales and technology departments. All of these tasks can be extremely difficult to juggle at the same time.

When individuals have to wear multiple hats, they are under a tremendous amount of pressure to maintain a high level of efficiency. Information is coming from every angle and, without the benefit of a full staff to manage it all, small business owners must take on most of the responsibility, which could put their operation at risk.

In this case, technology is the best answer. Investing in solutions designed to spur greater productivity will allow small business owners to maintain their viability. However, as business picks up and it becomes harder to maintain steady workflow, these individuals may need to prioritize what's important and concentrate their efforts in those areas. 

For example, Connie Certusi, a business technology executive, recently spoke with the online publication The Accounting Web about the importance of managing financial data and how small business owners should invest solutions that will assist with accounting needs. 

"It's no surprise that most small business owners wear numerous hats and tend to take a very hands-on approach with managing various aspects of their business," Certusi said, who pointed to a recent survey that stressed the importance of financial apps. "While there's no doubt that those small business owners who don't use accounting software are successful, based on the survey, it's indicative that there are several business activities that they need to be more versed in."

Managing financial data is crucial, but it's equally important to ensure that information fits with all other components of the business. By using FileMaker to develop a custom database software system, small business owners can harness the power of an entire team of workers with custom reporting apps and data management tools that will allow them to integrate financial information in a way that benefits the entire organization.