Flood of startups enter database software industry

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 14, 2013

Companies around the world are discovering the rewards of using database software. With strong organizational and statistical records, businesses are able to increase efficiency and productivity, and consequently, products. While this isn't exactly news, a recent trend in the data tracking world is an increase in startups entering the industry.

An article in the Wall Street Journal detailed a number of new businesses offering this type of product as a "flood of capital is pouring into the database market." One car part supplier, for example, is using a new type of software to record types of cars driven in different regions and another is using a different new technology to determine where viewers place their cursors on photos, and for how long.

"A new wave of databases is attracting customers looking to boost their business with powerful and cost-effective tools to tap into the growing mass of unstructured data collected from company websites, supply chains and social channels," the Journal said.

While it's clear that these companies are realizing the value of database software, and the rewards that can be gained with keeping and analyzing data, companies should also keep something else in mind: the quality of these new innovations.

Since recording information is so vital to a company's bottom line, choosing a database software is as well. While some major companies are taking a risk and going the startup route, choosing a reputable and well-respected product, like Filemaker, is the preferred option. In addition, with brands that have a long history in the industry, the kinks and issues have long been worked out, giving companies using the software peace of mind and the ability to use the information to better their service more quickly than with other brands.