Cloud computing helps companies manage big data

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 26, 2013

Managing data and allowing it to assist business initiatives is complicated enough, but there are related factors that must also be considered. When organizations are faced with a treasure trove of information and have specific directives in mind for their digital files, they must construct solutions to get their data to add operational value. However, that’s only half the big data battle. The other side of the equation is equally as vital: where is the information going to go?

As this blog has stated in the past, using FileMaker to build a comprehensive database software solution to perform crucial tasks like data deduplication will go a long way toward mitigating the risks of overgrown data volumes. However, there is still the matter of where to store that information. In today’s increasingly virtual world, more organizations are ditching physical machines and opting for hosted services to help store, view and manage pertinent data.

Cloud computing is a perfect compl​ement to custom application development. Businesses create solutions designed to manipulate data and use it to gain insights into key metrics, but hosting the solution on-site sets organizations up for myriad risks. Disaster recovery and information security efforts can be compromised should an organization suffer from an unforeseen incident. Meanwhile, using FileMaker to host an application in the cloud allows businesses to protect their information from targeted attacks and allows them to streamline the recovery process should they ensure a system shutdown.

Using cloud computing to manage custom applications also introduces several new advantages, namely mobility. By allowing employees to manage data and processes on smartphones and tablets, companies can attain a new level of operational efficiency. Working with a FileMaker-based development firm will let companies obtain these solutions quickly and easily, ensuring the delivery of a strong return on investment.