Go green with FileMaker-based custom software

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 4, 2013

Today, every company is trying to go green. Not only does it protect the environment by reducing an organization's carbon footprint, it can yield a number of financial benefits. Companies that invest in renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind can receive tax credits and decrease operational spending, but changes don't have to be as extensive as that.

According to an article in the Louisville Biz Journal, the Christian Care Community's downtown campus in Louisville, Kentucky, is making a number of major changes to its facilities and operations, all in the name of going green.

"The changes are a part of a $2.6 million energy-efficiency project for the Louisville-based nonprofit organization," the article says. "The campus, at 960 S. Fourth street, is home to about 500 seniors. It comprises three buildings, totaling 250,000 square feet, with 122 skilled-nursing units, 386 independent-care and assisted-living units and 30 tradition-care units.

In facilities this large with this many people living and working in it, energy efficiency can be an issue simply because there isn't enough collaboration between departments and employees and numerous machines are being used at the same time, often that doesn't need to happen. Oftentimes, companies can increase their energy efficiency by changing simple daily processes.

Adopting modern technologies such as mobile devices can allow organizations to reduce energy usage, as long as custom application development yeilds a quality system that allows users to access applications and share information. A FileMaker-based system can add an additional layer of efficiency into daily operations at any company, thus improving green standards compliance. Doing so can help organizations receive valuable benefits, in addition to better serving the community and environment.