Enhance information security with FileMaker-based database software

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 11, 2013

Information security has become an increasingly pressing issue as business processes designed to promote operational flexibility have put data at risk.

Innovation in the business technology field has yielded positive results in the way of building efficiency and improving productivity. New strategies such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are changing the way a number of companies operate, as it’s easier to access data, share it and communicate, particularly on the go. However, such changes have generated a heightened sense of concern regarding the safety of sensitive information.

Earlier this week, a proposal was submitted to Washington that would boost the security of network infrastructures across the U.S. private sector. Hackers have evolved concurrently with technology, so it’s up to the companies themselves to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.

Michael Manchisi, group executive of MasterCard Worldwide’s global processing business, spoke with the government blog The Hill about the importance of protecting shared data.

“The private companies want to be sure if they’re sharing this information and acting in good faith that they want to be protected,” Manchisi said.

In the meantime, companies can bolster their database software to not only enhance sharing efficiency but protect the safety of shared information. By initiating custom application development on a FileMaker platform, businesses can build solutions that will help maintain data security even as it is shared between various machines, systems and users.

For example, a system designed to share customer data and process payments from a multitude of devices is ideal for productivity, but any action that puts that information at risk is not only bad business, it could violate a number or regulations pertaining to customer security. Developing a system to protect that information will allow businesses to operate carefully without compromising efficiency.