Custom database software and the cloud: A winning combo for business productivity

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 17, 2013

Productivity is the key to a successfulbusiness. When employees show up to work, they have to get tasks done in order to make their company money. While managers have been spending over 100 years trying to formulate strategies to improve their workers’ production, the key to productivity in 2013 is improved technology.

Cloud computing is a powerful solution that allows individuals to share, store and access data from a multitude of devices. Today, businesses use the cloud to let workers do their jobs either when they are on the road or in the office. It can protect companies from targeted cyber attacks and spur disaster recovery efforts, but it can also improve the day-to-day workload.

Matt Smith, a guest blogger with the online publication ERP Cloud News, shared the benefits of cloud computing in a recent article.

“One of the ways productivity has been increased of late is via the development of cloud computing,” Smith wrote. “It cannot be denied that cloud computing is having a tremendous positive effect upon integrating technology and making life easier overall. This is also true in the workplace, and more and more businesses are reaping its benefits.”

Businesses need to ensure they have the right solutions in place to capitalize on cloud capabilities so they can increase productivity. Using a FileMaker-based custom database software system, data can be stored and accessed with great ease. Oftentimes, cloud storage can hurt the efficiency of information access and slow down processes, thus diminishing productivity. If data isn’t properly organized, no organization will experience a return on their cloud investment. With this custom solution in place, users can enjoy the benefits of the cloud without slowing down their business.