Talent management: How technology can aid human resources

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 4, 2012

Many CEOs will credit the company's success on their workforce, stating that if it weren't for the hardworking individuals that make up the corporation, the business would have never made it that far. But, in order for this to become a reality, a company must first manage its talent in the most efficient way, taking advantage of the strengths of every employee on payroll and creating the leaders the company needs.

But, according to a recent survey by ManpowerGroup, that's not exactly the easiest thing.

"Leadership development seems to be central to everyone's idea of a talent management strategy," Owen Sullivan, CEO of ManpowerGroup Specialty Brands, said in a press release. "Clearly this is the key pressure point for most organizations. Most seem to agree about the goals … to retain high-value talent, to ensure future leadership and to plan and manage succession."

Talent management can be a tricky task for human resource managers as there are many aspects to consider. For example, the source states that leadership development should be the number one priority for managers, which can take an increasing amount of time away from necessary, daily tasks.

In addition, individual and team development ranks high on the list, along with organizational effectiveness and workforce transition. All of these responsibilities will be sure to tax an already busy human resources department dealing with talent acquisition and the necessary paperwork that comes with expanding companies.

But, by consulting FileMaker developers, businesses can create custom database software that will allow them to enhance productivity. For example, a company can use this software to implement its leadership development program and distribute it to the proper employees. Or it can be used to help the HR department retain digital copies of necessary employee paperwork. Whichever aspect the business is considered weak, technology can be used to turn it into a strength.