Regardless of the newest trend, a sales force always needs a custom database

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 10, 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, many business owners may be trying to find out what they can do to enhance their success going into the new year. By taking a look at what techniques may have found success this past year, a company can use these tactics to keep the momentum going into 2013.

According to Harvard Business Review, the number one trend for sales teams in the upcoming year is “sales force behavior modeling.” This technique is when companies study the patterns and behaviors of their top-performing sales representatives and try to figure the common denominators and differentiators between them and their co-workers.

Furthermore, “sales force verticalization” is on the rise and will continue its upward trend into 2013. This tactic allows representatives to specialize in particular types of clients the company may be looking for and create a more effective team as these employees can create more personal relationships with leads. Furthermore, this can help a business’s conversion rate shoot up as employees are more likely to convert leads into clients if they can specialize in their industry or market.

And, in 2013, territory management will begin to incorporate the use of big data in a more effective way, predicts the source. By doing this, regional managers will be able to create a more efficient way to approach and pitch to potential clients based on data specialized for that region and its markets.

Regardless of which trend a business adopts into the way its sales representatives work, having the proper technology to support the team is critical to a company’s success.

By consulting FileMaker developers, businesses can create custom database software that aids sales representatives by aggregating and sharing critical information they may need to perform at their best.

For example, businesses can effectively curate leads based on their likelihood to become conversions, creating a more efficient sales force. In addition, representatives can use the database to log calls, and track the lead’s progress through the pipeline.

Also, FileMaker Go is a great mobile app for sales representatives as it can allow them to prepare for meetings and pitches via their smartphones should they be on the road or presenting to clients abroad.