Database software can help manage business systems deployment and adoption

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 17, 2012

One of the most challenging aspects of new software implementation is user adoption. Many employees, especially those who have worked with the company for many years and have extensive experience with legacy systems, are often hesitant to adopt new software into their daily operations.

However, as technology advances, it becomes increasingly important for companies to keep up with changes so they can stay competitive in their industry. Eventually, businesses will have to get their employees – even the more stubborn veterans – to learn and use new systems as they are deployed to them.

An article in the online publication Customer Think examines the struggle between businesses and their employees as it pertains to the implementation of new systems and solutions. Jacob Morgan, the author of the article, said that it’s up to companies to educate their employees on the value of new business systems.

“Education can play a crucial role in showing employees that using these tools isn’t going to take more time but will help them save time by making their jobs easier,” Morgan writes. “Understand where your users are spending their time and show them how using the new tools will cause them to spend less time doing the tasks they are doing now.”

Training complacent users will be difficult, so it’s important to keep all information regarding the process organized. Database software can help companies create real-time reports that track the training process. As users reach new checkpoints in the adoption process, automated data entry will give companies the ability to closely monitor all pertinent bits of information.

Working with a custom applications provider can allow companies to customize a system to properly manage any business solution adoption process.