Customer service issues can be managed more effectively with database software

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 12, 2012

Customer service is a major issue for any company. But, as online retailers begin to increase in popularity, these strictly digital businesses have found that not having a tangible presence for consumers to go to with problems and questions can exacerbate the standard customer service challenges.

For example, Inc. Magazine recently spoke with Audrey Griffith, the owner of online vintage-clothing retailer Modcloth about how it was able to solve critical customer service issues. The company was experiencing an ever-increasing backlog of complaints and customer service requests without enough information.

“Our biggest issue was that we lacked reliable statistics about our performance, ticket first-response rate, first resolution rate, satisfaction ratings and industry benchmarks,” Audrey Griffith, customer-care manager at Modcloth, told the source.

In addition, Griffith also stated that they need to be able to comprehensively understand why customers came to their brand and be able to turn that data into information that will allow them to create better business decisions.

By consulting FileMaker developers, businesses can create the custom database software they will need to properly store critical data points, such as who is complaining about what, when they issued the complaint and even how high of a priority this industry may be.

While having the ability to acquire this customer service information is the first step in improving customer relations, it’s not the end of the story. In order to properly analyze this data and turn this information into actionable decisions, business owners will need to store and organize it in a database that is customized to their specific needs and can help them make the decisions they need to improve their company.