Shaken, not stirred: Data organization in the latest James Bond film

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 16, 2012

The latest James Bond film, "Skyfall", is being lauded by many critics as one of the best in the historic series. While it has certainly seen an impressive box office performance, not normally experienced by 007 films during this century, it maintains the same conflicts that have been prevalent in most of Bond's roles: the battle between traditional ways and new technology.

CNN recently explored whether one scenario in the film, where a terrorist and James Bond are fighting for a hard drive that contains the identities of all the secret agents at MI6, is a plausible one.

"That's very consistent when you're not part of the government and you lack the infrastructure to build out a big system that a national security agency does," Morgan Wright, an experienced law enforcement agent that has performed cyberterrorism work for many United States defense agencies, told the source. Wright explained that smaller organizations must often find ways to access or store information in one place because they can't afford to "build out a big system."

Using custom database software to organize data for a small business

Intentions and spy movies aside, there is something to be said about the need for small organizations being able to store and access necessary data in one place – much like the hard drive at question in the Bond film. While this may create some security issues, being able to maintain an accurate and dynamic database of essential statistics and information in one location can aid small businesses, which are often understaffed and overworked, in operating more efficiently.

By consulting FileMaker developers, companies can create custom database software that can be specialized to their individual needs. For example, a subscription-based business will need to be able to quickly access and adjust customer contact information as its operations rely on delivering the product to the customer.

A small business that requires an aggressive sales team will also need to be able to access client model configurations and prospective sales information, often within minutes of each other should a representative be preparing for a call. By keeping necessary information in one comprehensive and custom-made database, small businesses can ensure they run effectively and organized.