New healthcare laws may require hospitals and insurers to buckle down on management and organization

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 8, 2012

With President Barack Obama re-elected on November 6, the impacts of his landmark healthcare law – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – will continue to be felt in hospitals, physicians’ offices and insurance companies.

As such, these healthcare companies will surely be adjusting the inner workings and daily operations of their businesses. This marks a period that has the potential to be rather unorganized and inefficient should the affected businesses not have the capabilities to remain on task and productive during times of great change.

According to technology company hCentive, insurers and healthcare companies may need to take additional technological efforts to maintain order and workloads while making the changes necessary to comply with PPACA laws as these mandates make it increasingly harder for health insurance agencies and hospitals to meet goals for performance and efficiency.

“Insurers need a product that can integrate not only with state exchanges, but also billing, claims and federal hub and exchange,” Manoj Agarwala, president and COO of hCentive, said in a press release.

Using technology in times of change to ensure stability

By consulting FileMaker developers, insurers and healthcare associates will be able to make sure their operations are kept organized and efficient during times of change and innovation.

These professionals can help businesses create custom database software that can be used to manage and access whatever aspects of the company they feel needs the most security. For example, should an insurance agency need additional support maintaining subscriber information and data, the database can be used for that. Likewise, a healthcare facility can use the software to maintain an efficient and well-ran facility, while the inner-workings of the system undergo major changes.