Organizational tools may benefit “chaotic” IT departments

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 6, 2012

According to a recent survey by TeamQuest Corp., an IT consultant, nearly 65 percent of the survey's respondents said that their IT departments are chaotic. This classification usually means that the department doesn't learn of any issues until after users call to complain about them.

Having a "chaotic" IT department can adversely affect business, as many companies are now very dependent on software and digital information to run efficiently.  According to the source, companies will benefit if they are able to use their IT departments to mitigate risks, optimize virtualization and overcome cloud challenges if they are using the cloud to store any important information or backup documents.

"Understanding your IT environment isn't rocket science," said Per Bauer, director of global services at TeamQuest Corp, in a press release. "But, using mature processes and tools can keep headaches at a minimum – yours and your customers. Technology and business are moving at a swift pace and companies need the IT organization to provide the right data to make important business decisions. That becomes more difficult when you're putting out fires."

For companies that are experiencing issues with IT, they may want to invest in custom IT database software. FileMaker developers can create IT software programs that allow managers to pinpoint their operational weaknesses, whether its a standalone IT firm or a single department within a larger business.

For example, if an advertising agency has an issue with sharing campaign artwork and important client briefs, custom database software can help make file sharing much more efficient.

Or, if a healthcare center has issues organizing patient information or physician schedules, investing in database software that tackles these issues can help improve operations and, therefore, create a more productive business.