Expert: Human element makes CRM investment trickier

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 5, 2012

When applied to most business processes, custom database software has been proven to offer benefits related to productivity and profitability. This software can have significant benefits for the management of customer relationships, one expert argues, even if executives must account for the unpredictable "human element".

In a piece for, author David Taber – who profiled the SaaS CRM software in a recent book – offered a few reasons why business executives find it harder to pull the trigger on an investment in CRM software than they would with other types of business software. Chief among these reasons is the contention that CRM software deals with humans, moreso than software designed to manage manufacturing and accounting processes.

All the same, CRM software does in fact yield productivity and profitability benefits, and Taber argues that the benefits could be even more significant when all factors are considered. If CRM software were to drive a 5 percent increase in sales team "wins," he says, a business could theoretically enjoy a 10-percent increase in profitability.

Of course, the effectiveness of this software all depends on its design and implementation. That is why it is important for businesses to implement a solution that offers maximum usability, a quick learning curve and scalability.

The best option for sales teams looking to implement customer relationship management software may be to turn to a FileMaker developer to craft a custom-made software solution that can scale as the business grows. If this solution is intuitively designed to serve and respond to the unique teams of the sales team for which it was developed, its success may be all the more significant and notable, making it a much easier buy for top-level executives worried about the bottom line.